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The Green Revolution Converts Cycling Workouts To Clean And Renewable Energy

Ridgefield, Connecticut, September 15, 2008 – Thanks to special patent-pending technology developed by a Connecticut company called The Green Revolution, Inc. power generated from human exercise is helping to make the environment cleaner and greener while promoting a healthy lifestyle. This revolutionary program at the Ridgefield Fitness Club in Ridgefield, CT is the first of its kind at this scale to convert human energy from cycling workouts into clean and renewable energy.

A Press Conference showcasing The Green Revolution’s "human energy" fitness technology will be held at the Ridgefield Fitness Club on Tuesday, September 23 at 11:00 a.m. At this time, a demonstration of the product, which can be installed on all leading brands of indoor cycling equipment, will take place during a group cycling class headed by a fitness instructor.

The entire group cycling studio, comprised of 17 indoor cycles, is connected to the club’s electrical grid through an inverter, so that human electricity can be used to power all aspects of the facility. This maximization of electricity helps reduce carbon emissions and lowers the community’s demand for fossil fuel based-energy. Any excess electricity generated from the club has the potential to return to the power grid for others in the community to use. Each group cycling participant will be able to control their individual renewable energy output through a resistance control panel attached to the bicycle, and the health club will be able track the total energy that is produced through exercise on The Green Revolution Web site.

A typical group cycling class with about 20 bikes has the potential to produce up to 3.6 Megawatts (3,600,000 Watts) of renewable energy a year. This is equivalent to the amount of power needed to light 72 homes for a month while also reducing carbon emissions by over 5,000 pounds.

Jay Whelan, founder and president of the Green Revolution, Inc., has a strong track record as an environmental leader. A Ridgefield resident, Jay is the founder and president of the Ridgefield Action Committee for the Environment (RACE), and a 2008 recipient of Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell’s "Climate Change Leadership Award." Whelan says the Ridgefield Fitness Club is an excellent partner because they are committed to the same environmental principles as the Green Revolution.

"The Ridgefield Fitness Club is to be commended for being a role model for the environment and being the first to launch this exciting and innovative technology. Following our success in Ridgefield, The Green Revolution is preparing an early adopter launch that will engage with leading health clubs in the United States and around the world who are equally passionate about health and the environment."

Jim Johnstone, owner of the Ridgefield Fitness Club, supports The Green Revolution technology because it enables health and fitness clubs to be environmental leaders in their communities by connecting fitness to the environment.

"By engaging in this exciting new program, fitness enthusiasts who are environmentally conscious now have an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the environment by ‘Energizing their Workouts!’ As The Green Revolution scales their capabilities, the clean and renewable energy created by fitness centers throughout the country and the world will make a difference in contributing to a healthier planet."

The Green Revolution, Inc.’s mission is to involve people in the process of creating clean and renewable energy from everyday, human activity that will result in sustainable behavior change, lower carbon emissions and a healthier environment and lifestyle. The company’s senior executives are experienced leaders from Fortune 100 firms who are focused on developing an organization capable of reaching thousands of fitness centers across the country. The technology is a professional and scalable solution that all health clubs and fitness centers can use to provide their members with an opportunity to "energize their workouts" while contributing to a cleaner community and world.

For more information about The Green Revolution, Inc., contact Michael Curnyn, chief strategy & marketing officer at 888-757-7530 or visit The Green Revolution Web site at:

For information and directions to the Ridgefield Fitness Club, 66 Grove Street, Ridgefield, CT, ( contact Jim Johnstone at (203) 431-7796.


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