The Green Revolution

You recycle. Limit your use of disposables. And buy in bulk whenever possible to decrease waste and packaging. Now there’s more you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and safeguard the earth’s resources. Something that’s easy and fun...

The Green Revolution™ allows you to create clean, reusable energy each time you exercise at a Green Revolution-equipped health club. Get in on the ground floor of an exciting new opportunity to help save the planet while you enjoy the personal satisfaction of getting and staying fit.

Imagine being part of a network of fitness enthusiasts around the country and eventually, around the world, who are doing something both for themselves and for the environment. There could even be recognition awards for fitness enthusiasts who produce significant levels of electricity.

So get ready to improve your fitness quotient while you help create reusable, green energy. Sign up to register your interest in bringing The Green Revolution to a health club near you.

The Green Revolution technology fits your existing spin equipment.