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Energy/Environment Questions
Q: How does The Green Revolution Technology help the environment?
A: The Green Revolution Technology provides an opportunity to energize your workout and create a healthier planet. As you work out, you will create clean, renewable energy to help reduce our reliance on energy from fossil fuel sources. Like solar and wind power, the clean, renewable energy generated from The Green Revolution Technology is creating clean electricity that does not increase our greenhouse gas levels.
Q: How much electricity will a Group Cycling session generate?
A: There are a number of factors that go into the amount of energy that is produced. These factors are: The intensity of the workout (intensity includes resistance setting and the cadence level), the duration of the workout and the number of people in the class. A typical Group Cycling class with 20 bikes will create about 3 kilowatts (KW) per session. A Group Cycling room that runs four classes a day has the potential to create close to 300 KW a month. This is equivalent to the amount of power needed to light a typical home for half a year.
Q: What happens to the energy created through exercise?
A: The energy created through exercise is connected to the electrical power grid through a grid-tied inverter. The energy is put back on the grid, which reduces our reliance on coal and oil-generated energy.
Technology/Usage Questions
Q: Is there a risk of getting a shock while using the equipment?
A: The Green Revolution Technology is safe for hard-working and sweat-dripping fitness enthusiasts! However, all electrical appliances and products have the potential to shock if not used properly. AT NO TIME SHOULD YOU PUT YOUR FINGERS OR HANDS INSIDE OR UNDERNEATH THE GENERATOR COVER LOCATED IN FRONT OF THE WHEEL. The Green Revolution has taken several steps to ensure your workout is safe and enjoyable: (1) All electrical parts are protected by a non-conductive plastic that seals the product and protects the fitness enthusiast; (2) The electricity from exercise is transferred to a storage cabinet as soon as it is created so the equipment attached to the exercise equipment does not store the electricity.
Q: What resistance/intensity should the riders use?
A: The Green Revolution Technology works like a typical Indoor Cycling Bike, so the fitness enthusiast determines the resistance level. You can increase or decrease the resistance level throughout your workout based on instructions from your leader or your own preferences. Remember: The higher the cadence or resistance, the more calories burned and electricity generated.
Q: How will the energy created from exercise be reported?
A: Coming soon, the health club will be able to track the actual energy produced through exercise on The Green Revolution Web site. The Green Revolution Technology works with Fat Spaniels Services to report energy production. Founded in 2003, Fat Spaniel Technologies is the market leader in providing internet-based monitoring and reporting services for the renewable energy industry.
Q: Will the fitness enthusiast be able to track his or her workouts and see the impact they are having on the environment?
A: Yes. The Green Revolution will provide an interactive carbon calculator that will help fitness enthusiasts calculate their carbon footprint. Everyone has a carbon footprint - driving cars, heating our homes and taking an airplane for business or vacation all emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Working out with The Green Revolution Technology provides an opportunity to reduce that impact by creating a carbon offset that helps reduce your carbon footprint and your impact on the planet. Soon, fitness enthusiasts will be able to keep track of their workouts and measure their impact on the environment.
Q: Will the Green Revolution Technology work only on certain Indoor Cycling brands?
A: The Green Revolution has chosen to start with Indoor Cycling equipment because of the popularity of the group exercise program, the intensity of the workout and the design of the equipment. The patent-pending technology has been successfully tested with all major brands of indoor cycles.
Q: Will The Green Revolution Technology work on other products?
A: Yes. The technology used with Indoor Cycling fitness equipment is designed to work with most cardio equipment, including, ellipticals, cross-trainers, stepping machines, stationary and recumbent bikes.
Q: Is this technology available for home use?
A: The Green Revolution Technology works on one bike in your home, as well as 20 bikes in a group Indoor Cycling class. However, the cost of connecting to the power grid for a single bike does not make economic sense at this time. As the cost of grid-connection equipment decreases, The Green Revolution will be ready to serve consumers in their homes.
Company Information Questions
Q: How can I get more information about the product?
A: Visit The Green Revolution, Inc. Web site at: for more information about the company and product offerings.
Q: Will The Green Revolution Technology be available to corporations and schools with fitness centers?
A: Yes. The Green Revolution can engage with all types of fitness centers.
Q: Is The Green Revolution Technology available outside of the United States?
A: Not at this time. The Green Revolution is taking the steps required to comply with international regulations and certifications.
Q: Are there plans to expand the concept to other health clubs?
A: Yes. The Green Revolution is planning an Early Adopter Commercial Launch. Later this year, The Green Revolution is planning to introduce its technology to leading health clubs who have a passion for health and the environment.
Q: How has the venture been funded to date?
A: The venture has been internally funded by its founders, who are committed to developing solutions that involve people creating clean, renewable energy from everyday, human activity, that can result in sustainable behavior change and lower energy costs. Funds have been used over the past 18 months, to fully develop the product into a production-ready model and to protect our investment through multiple patents and strategic partnerships.
Q: Is the Green Revolution looking for new investment?
A: Yes. The Green Revolution is preparing a limited investor stock offering in order to capitalize the venture for commercial launch. The investment is for post-BETA activities with a focus on production, sales and marketing, and further product development.
Q: What is the cost to the health club to install the technology?
A: Each gym will have variations of cost depending on factors such as, club layout, number of Indoor Cycling bikes and preparedness for connection to the grid and communication devices. The first thing we do with prospective customers is a site visit and a look at the conditions prior to developing a detailed quote. Future cost details will be comprised of fitness equipment technology attachment, electrical grid connection, and installation costs.
Q: Does the health club need to install new fitness equipment to work with The Green Revolution Technology?
A: No. The Green Revolution Technology has been designed to fit existing fitness equipment without modification. The Green Revolution has successfully tested its technology on all leading brands of Group Cycling bikes.