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A Message from Founder Jay Whelan

Growing up, I worked on a farm. I began to feel a strong connection with the land and a personal stewardship for the earth.

As an adult, I wanted to reduce my imprint on the earth and contribute to a greener environment. So my family doesn’t use a dryer. We buy energy from renewable sources. And in 1999, we bought a 100% electric car.

Dissonance Leads to a Crossroads
My business life presented a conflict. Though I loved my work, my role required me to fly worldwide and drive as many as 1000 miles per week. I had trouble reconciling this with my conservation efforts at home.

While working out one day, I started to calculate the amount of energy expended at the gym. Stationary bikes create resistance and through this friction, heat is produced. The industrial engineer in me said “What a waste! There’s got to be a way to capture and use this energy.”

Harnessing Energy from Exercise Equipment
In April 2007, I mentioned this idea to Mark Sternberg, a friend and Union Millwright. He was enthusiastic too and designed a prototype to capture energy from exercise equipment. Then we were off and running.

We’ve now developed a product that captures energy produced by working out and converts it to 100% green power. We’re pleased to be able to offer this technology to health clubs and fitness facilities for their own and their members’ benefit. If you’re a health club owner, manager or fitness enthusiast, we hope you’ll Join the Revolution. Your comments and feedback are welcome at any time.

Yours truly,

Jay Whelan
The Green Revolution Founder & CEO